Underground Service Locating

Underground service locating is an essential part of any construction project planning to disturb the subsurface.

Knowing what’s below before you begin is the key to successful excavation. That is where the experience of Geoscope Utility Detection Services comes in.

Our underground service locating experience using electromagnetic, Radiodetection and GPR locating methods around the Sydney and NSW network is extensive ensuring the best possible outcome for locating buried pipes and cables on your project.

Geoscope are experts in utility locating and service detection and will be able to help your project become safer, efficient and improve the bottom line. We know how important your business and project are , that’s why we are the ones who many in the civil and construction industry turn to for guidance on what services are underground on their site.

Underground services are the cables, pipes, assets and equipment providing utilities to homes, businesses, and public buildings. This includes underground electricity cables, water pipes, phone lines, and gas pipes. They’re buried below surface level, and though you can’t see them from ground level, their labyrinthine networks provide Australia with essential services.

Why might you need to locate underground services?

if you are planning building civil or construction work that breaks ground either with excavation, drilling or any other cutting methods without disturbing a network of underground services.

Geoscope Utility Detection Services is a DYBD certified locator

But with so many companies providing utilities, where do you even start?

Luckily, there’s a fairly straightforward way to get the ball rolling. If you have any planned earthworks, excavations, drillings, or digging works, you must Dial Before You Dig (DBYD).

What is DYBD and how much does it cost?

‘Dial Before You Dig’ is a free national service that provides a single point of contact for information about the location of underground utilities at a planned project site. Their job is to prevent any damage and disruption to Australia’s essential infrastructure networks.

Call Geoscope before you dig.

Underground service
locating devices

Look for locators that are DYBD Certified. To achieve this, they have been assessed in both the theory and the practical side of underground service location. To pass, you need to have been locating for enough time to gather experience and skillset to complete the most difficult of locating jobs as the assessment is no easy feat.

At Geoscope, we’re DYBD certified and have completed all the necessary trainings.


How does Geoscope locate underground services?

We use the most up-to-date and reliable technology so that you can be assured of safety, accuracy, and reliability. We use both Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location methods when locating underground services.


Electromagnetic locating

Electromagnetic locating is the most frequently employed method used to detect underground services delivered via cables or pipes made of or containing conductive materials such as electrical wiring or copper pipes.

It’s most useful for utilities like water, natural gas, fuel lines, electricity and telephone. In order to detect underground services, a traceable current is passed through the service by directly connecting or coupling a cable with a ring clamp.

Ground-Penetrating-Radar-GPR-Service-Locating-Sydney-Geoscope -1

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) locating

Another way of locating underground services is to use ground penetrating radar devices.  These can detect underground services delivered via non-conductive pipes and cables. They achieve this by pulsing electromagnetic waves into the subsurface that allows us to identify non-conductive underground pipes and cables without trace wires or tracer tape; like nylon, blue brute, and plastic conduit.

Why choose Geoscope to complete the utility survey?

Working with us to locate underground services will not only reduce unexpected delays from possible damages, but also reduces design and construction costs.

Our highly-skilled technicians are experienced in subsurface utility enginieering processes even on complex sites. 

So if you’ve got some construction works in the pipeline, contact us to get your project on the right track from the very start with Sydney’s Underground Service Locating Specialist – Geoscope.

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