Tips before asking for a Geoscope quote

What information we need to quote your project.

We get it, you’re busy. You need this locate job quoted fast and require the fee proposal returned back ASAP!

As Underground Service Locators in Sydney, we too are a little under the pump. In a world of instant gratification, where everyone wants it now but needed it yesterday we need all the help we can get.

But how can we help with your query of getting the price back for our service lightning-fast and not taking weeks to get a reply?

It’s really quite simple! Let us know what work you are doing, when you need it by, where you are working and give us as many details, plans and information about the project as possible.

This gives us a chance to not only price it fairly, but you know we have fully understood your issue and how we can strategise to come up with the best solution.

Let’s break it down:

What are you doing?
  • Vertical or Horizontal Boring
  • Mechanical excavation
  • Piling or drilling
  • Coring
  • Planning or design
  • Saw cutting
What do you require from us? Not sure? That’s okay. Send over as much information on the project as possible and we’ll steer you in the right direction with our services.
  • Underground pipe and cable locating
  • Service search
  • Utility mapping
  • Concrete scanning
  • Non-destructive excavation
  • DBYD and site planning consultation
When are you planning to start the works?
  • is it a week from now or is it next year?
  • The time frame lets us know if we are in a position to fulfill your requirements or for us to let you know straight up if we can’t make due to prior commitments.
  • It saves us from wasting your time and ours. Again, we know how valuable your time is.
Where are you working? The devil is in the detail! Get specific. Give our quoting team the necessary info to have all your bases covered.
Examples of things we love to see when a quote request comes in:
  • Exact street address - You be amazed how many RFQs we get and it says we’re planning excavation work along Parramatta Rd. I don’t know if you know this but Parramatta Rd runs for about 23km. It also has some sections of very intense underground services as well as parts with not too with intense underground services.
  • Aerial images highlighting the project site /Nearmap or google maps image with marked up scope of works. It really doesn’t have to be fancy. We get all sorts of mark ups come in ranging from hand drawn with pen or marker to CAD files.

    This helps us get an idea of the area you need covered quickly and accurately. We know what needs to be covered and what you don’t need to worry about. We can also get on to DBYD plan acquisition asap.
  • Current dbyd plans covering scope of work. Dial Before You Dig! It’s legislation in New South Wales. We need to know what services are known in the location you are preparing to work in and Dbyd is best way to get all the available plans from registered asset owners. Don’t get us wrong, we also do our own DBYD request for plans but we need to allow 48hrs for all plans to be returned to us. More info here.
  • Design drawings and existing plans covering the scope of work. You’re planning work, We hope you’re not winging the project and have some sort of design plan you’re working to. If you provide the design it helps us understand the lengths we need to go to complete our part of the works.
  • For example, the difference of the locating for trenching 1.4 metres deep is a little bit different to locating for road resurfacing at 200mm. Many deep services such as storm water and sewer would not need to be investigated now need to be looked at with this deep trenching.

So, get in touch today with your RFQ!

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