Utility Locating Services in Areas Outside of Sydney

Non-destructive Utility Locating services in Cambewarra, Australia service provided by Geoscope

Are utility locating services feasible in remote areas outside of Sydney? This article delves into the challenges that come with performing utility locating services in areas far from urban centres. While these services are commonly available in cities and suburbs, it is crucial to understand the feasibility of performing them in remote areas. Learn about the obstacles that utility locators face when working in such areas, and the strategies they use to ensure the accuracy of the results. Whether you are planning a construction project or excavating for any other purpose, this article will help you understand the importance of utility locating services in remote areas.

What are Stormwater Pipes and How to Locate them?

Stormwater Utility location in Sydney, NSW, service provided by Geoscope

Learn about the importance of stormwater pipes and how to locate them in Sydney with specialised equipment and expertise. Discover the methods used to find these buried pipes, including ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction. Find out how Geoscope, a leading utility locating company, can help you locate stormwater pipes to prevent costly damage and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Australian Locating Services – The Standard AS5488 

Geoscope Utility Locating Services in Sydney, NSW Australia

In this article, we will be talking about Australian Locating Services and the Australian Standard (AS5488). It is a guideline that provides best practice recommendations for the location and identification of underground utilities in Australia. It is intended to help ensure the safety of workers and the public, and to minimise the risk of damage to underground utilities during excavation or construction work. AS5488 covers a range of topics, including the use of locating equipment, the marking of utility locations, and the recording and reporting of utility information. It is an important resource for contractors and other professionals who work in the construction and excavation industry in Australia.