What are Stormwater Pipes and How to Locate them?

Stormwater Utility location in Sydney, NSW, service provided by Geoscope

Learn about the importance of stormwater pipes and how to locate them in Sydney with specialised equipment and expertise. Discover the methods used to find these buried pipes, including ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic induction. Find out how Geoscope, a leading utility locating company, can help you locate stormwater pipes to prevent costly damage and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Locating Storm Water and Sewer Pipes


A non-metallic pipe such as storm water and sewer pipes can be traced just like any other underground service, although there are some extra steps, we need to take to get an adequate level of accuracy ready for construction or planning and design works.  Storm water pipes are generally made of non-metallic materials. Depending on the size and the age of the […]