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What colours

Here's a look into the colour coding marking system Geoscope uses to complete our Utility Surveys.


Red – HV Electricity

High Voltage transmission Cables, High Voltage Distribution Cables, Transgrid, Ausgrid, Endeavour, SACL, and voltages above 1000 volts


Orange – LV Electricity

Ausgrid and Endeavour distribution electricity cables, RMS-Roads and maritime electricity traffic signals cables, street lighting, low voltage cables and voltages below 1000 volts


White- Communications

Telecommunications cables, Telstra copper and fibre network, Nextgen, Verizon, Soul fibre, Pipe Networks, Optic fibre and data cables


Blue – Water

Water mains, Reticulation and trunk water mains, water services, uPVC and PE water pipes, fire sprinkler pipes, HDPE water mains and any water service
*Fire Hydrant and fire mains markings are blue lines with red lettering


Yellow – Gas

Jemena gas mains, polyethylene and nylon gas pipes, trunk and transmission gas pipelines, jet fuel gas lines, Ethane and Ethylene pipelines, Fuel lines


Green – Storm Water / Drainage

Council storm water pipes and drainage lines, down pipe connections, kerb outlet drain, storm water grates


Purple – Sewer

Sydney Water sewer mains, private sewer mains, waste water pipes, grease arrestor systems


Pink – Unknown service

Unknown signal or image from electromagnetic locating and or ground penetrating radar scan which was not on the DBYD or existing service plans and or unable to verify trace to a known source.