Concrete Slab Scanning

If you’re planning on cutting or drilling into a slab, carrying out a comprehensive concrete scan can help eliminate the risk of damage or injury from striking an embedded object or service.

Concrete scanning using GPR and electromagnetic pipe and cable locating devices can help you identify any post tension cables, steel, rebar or services that might lie within the concrete structure.


Cutting or drilling through post tension cables or steel reinforcement has the potential to effect the structural integrity of the concrete structure and also cause injury to workers and damage to equipment.

Post tension cables are used in concrete slabs to provide strength while reducing the need for the amount of steel in a non-post tension slab. It’s for this reason damaging PT cables can reduce the strength of the slab.

Post tension cables are also under great tension, which means that when severed, they have the potential to fling back into the path of workers and operators cutting into the slab. Personal safety and equipment safety is also at risk in these situations.

Live electrical cables can cause serious injury to personnel if drilled or cut through. Even if a cable appears to have no voltage running through it, it can be very dangerous if you accidentally damage the cable. As the need to power the cable through lights or machinery can be intermittent, the cable may seem safe when first damaged, but become live at a later stage causing serious injury.

Concrete scanning saves time, money, and prevents injuries and unnecessary damage. By choosing to locate and map the position of post tension cables, voids, rebar and electrical conduits embedded in concrete you can be sure that any cutting or coring is carried out consequence free.

Why might you need to locate underground services?

if you are planning building civil or construction work that breaks ground either with excavation, drilling or any other cutting methods without disturbing a network of underground services.

Concrete Slab Scanning service by Geoscope

How does concrete scanning work?

Finding objects or services that might be hidden within a concrete slab requires specialist equipment operated by fully trained technicians. At Geoscope, our highly trained technicians use the most up to date GPR and electromagnetic devices to ensure that you get the most comprehensive concrete scan possible. Using a combination of GPR and electromagnetic service locating methods is the most effective and efficient way to detect services and objects. 

What technology is used for concrete slab scanning?

Ground penetrating radar has become commonplace in concrete scanning and investigations over the years as the hardware and software has become compact and refined.

This method of scanning is preferred as it is relatively easy to setup without the need for bulky equipment, most of the time the gear is confined to a suitcase size pelican hard case and a shoulder bag.

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Why might I need a concrete floor slab survey?

Typically, concrete floor slab surveys using GPR are undertaken to determine or confirm the presence of the following:

How long does concrete scanning take?

The time it takes to scan an area of slab depends on a few factors:

Concrete Scanning Reports

We have several options when it comes to reporting the findings from our concrete scanning.

We also provide digital copies of the site mark up tp help you gain approval for permits. These might be a a permit to cut/drill, or a permit to excavate. The digital site mark-up may also be needed as part of your project’s engineering requirements.

However you intend to use the report, we can provide it in various forms to suit your requirements:

We can also customise our reports to include any additional information that you might need to complete the scanning process.

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What should I look for when hiring a company to complete concrete scanning?

Hiring a specialist company to complete the concrete scanning for you is one of the best ways to ensure that it’s done quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. 

At Geoscope, we pride ourselves on using highly trained technicians and the most up to date technology so that you can be assured of safety, accuracy, and reliability.

If you’ve got a coring or drilling project in the pipeline, get your project off to a great start with Sydney’s Concrete Scanning Specialist – Geoscope.

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