Locating Telstra Fibre Optic Cables

Telstra Fibre Optic Cable Locating Services in 975 Northern Road Sydney NSW by Geoscope Locating

Geoscope provides accurate and efficient Telstra Fibre Optic Cable Locating Services. Our team of experts utilizes advanced technology and adheres to industry best practices to ensure precise mapping and minimize disruptions. Contact us now for reliable solutions.

Understanding Telstra Pits and Manhole Symbols

If you work in the utility locating industry in Sydney, you know that the accurate identification and location of Telstra pits and other infrastructure are crucial. If you have come across a Telstra before you dig plan, you might have noticed different symbols and shapes that represent various telecommunications infrastructures. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Telstra pits and manhole symbols, what they represent, and why they are essential for telecommunications technicians.

How to Read Telstra BYDA Plans

Telstra BYDA Plans by Geoscope

Telstra provides BYDA plans that show the location of their underground infrastructure, including mains and regular cables, for any excavation project. It’s crucial to understand how to read these plans, obtain them, and be aware of the symbols used on them. In this article, we will guide you through the process and discuss the validity period, as well as the importance of following the Telstra 5p framework to prevent damage to critical infrastructure.

Locating Telstra Cables


Locating Telstra cables is an important part of any construction, excavation or design process. These cables might seem like a length of non-threatening plastic-coated wire under the ground that won’t directly cause any extreme electrical harm or flooding of liquids or engulfed by gases substances, but the damage caused by accidently disrupting these telecommunication cables […]