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Hi, Welcome to Geoscope.

My name is Simon Williams, and I’m the director of this 100% Australian owned and operated, Sydney business.

At Geoscope, I feel we are known best for our quality relationships built on and off the work site. Working with underground services and buried utilities is high risk work and can be bloody dangerous.

We know exactly what our customers are going through from the guys booking the jobs in to the men and women in the field digging away through the subsurface, we know what’s up…and down, for that matter.

We’ve been around and seen nearly every situation there is when it comes to locating services in Sydney, and if we can help another site complete their works around buried pipes or cables faster, safer and efficient, then it makes all the difference to us.

Some background about myself, I started out my working life diving in the deep end learning the trade of an Automotive Engine Machining where, as it turned out, put me in good stead to take on the subsurface detection industry in more ways than I knew. The trade consisted of undertaking precision machining and piecing together mechanical assemblies. The work was great! It fulfilled my passion for cars and my inquisitiveness to find out how things worked.

The great thing about precision machining is it had taught me a high level of dimensional tolerance. Measuring of components, we had to machine were down to as little as .0005” accuracy. That’s working down to less than 1/4 of the diameter of a human hair. That’s as tight as 12.7 microns.

It’s because of this high level accuracy background I’ve come from, I have instilled a great focus to accuracy in all facets of our procedures. Although the tolerances in working around underground services are not as stringent as cylinder honing would be, we still work to the highest level of accuracy possible because we believe our clients deserve it.

I was lucky enough to get a start within the utility locating industry learning all aspects of the job and seeing how easily things can go right, but also how drastically they could go wrong.

That's right. Damages!

Seeing and experiencing just about every form of damage to underground services over the years for one reason or another has put us at an advantage to take extra precautions and improve our processes to eliminate the worst from happening.

I’m not saying we have X-ray vision or can foresee the future, although that would be pretty cool. But we can achieve a high standard of results with the latest technology available to us at present.

Why we got started

Geoscope Utility Detection Services began in 2013 when I felt the need to give clients more than just paint on the ground. We feel our clients deserve the information to tackle their projects and to keep them safe at site and to allow you to work at a level of greater productivity due to being greater informed.
Communicating our findings using our unique marking system with report and mapping options gives us various ways to paint the picture of what’s underneath the subsurface.

Knowledge is power!

And knowing what you’re up against before you dip that excavator bucket in to the ground or rip start the concrete saw is a great way to keep your workers safe and keep the project running smoothly.

We’re focused on providing honest data to give you the edge against your competitors. When having the right advice from the beginning of a project is the difference between impressing your client or letting them down, you know what you’d prefer.

You might ask, what can we do and who can help?

We specialise in underground service locating, utility mapping and concrete GPR slab scanning providing clients with high level of detail to suit their working requirements. We can record our findings with utility surveys and CAD drawings and confirm these findings by potholing using non-destructive digging processes.

You or your client might be looking to build the next light rail network, tunnel under the Sydney Harbour or identify cables prior to excavating test pits for Geotech and environmental soil testing. We have you covered for all your underground or in slab detection needs.

So, how can I help you?

I believe a successful project, no matter how big or small needs to start off on the right foot.

That’s where using Geoscope to locate and map your underground services or scan the post tensioned slab you are looking to core drill for penetrations, you’ll be better informed of what you’re working with before any issues arise.

Guys, if what you’ve read up to here so far, I’m stoked!

If this is something that you can relate to what you want in a service locating contractor, I urge you to get in touch to see how we can help. Send me or the team an email at info@geoscopelocating.com.au or call me on 0432 296 323 or the office on 1300 750 350.

If you can’t get on to my mobile, I could be on site around large earth movers and 20 tonne excavators or slab scanning deep in a CBD basement so please send me a text message or email and I’ll get onto you asap! If the matter is urgent, please contact our team in the office who can point you in the right direction.

You can also contact and message me on our social pages! I’m the CMO of Geoscopes social pages but really need to post more of the quality work our team has been producing. Stay tuned and look forward to seeing your faces in there.

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How we mark

We primarily mark with a high-quality spot marking aerosol made by signet. This paint has consistent colour and spray patterns leaving us with quality looking markings. In some case where decorative paving or tiles are in place, we can prevent this semi-permanent marking being overused or use a chalk-based paint which is easily removed.
Our markings are unique in that we identify each service type to a coloured paint so that when our customers see our work, for one:

What about standards?

Everyone has got standards, right? Some maybe high, where others can be down under from what we expect. By working to the Australian Standard – Classification of Subsurface Utility Information, we have the bar set to the highest level when we complete our locates.

We only recommend the highest standard possible to fulfil everyone’s duty of care and completing the work safely. If you’re not committed to working to a high-quality level, we may not be the right fit for our working relationship at this point in which we may have to recommend you find someone to complete the works at your standard.

We’re big believers in safety, the first time!

There’s no point doing things twice when a task can be achieved first time around.

We believe this when it comes to safety,

We believe this when it comes to our site works,

We believe this when it comes to our recording and reporting.

Get the job done, on time, on budget and most importantly, safely!

What colours

Here’s a look into the colour coding marking system Geoscope uses to complete our Utility Surveys


Red – HV Electricity

High Voltage transmission Cables, High Voltage Distribution Cables, Transgrid, Ausgrid, Endeavour, SACL, and voltages above 1000 volts


Orange – LV Electricity

Ausgrid and Endeavour distribution electricity cables, RMS-Roads and maritime electricity traffic signals cables, street lighting, low voltage cables and voltages below 1000 volts


White- Communications

Telecommunications cables, Telstra copper and fibre network, Nextgen, Verizon, Soul fibre, Pipe Networks, Optic fibre and data cables


Blue – Water

Water mains, Reticulation and trunk water mains, water services, uPVC and PE water pipes, fire sprinkler pipes, HDPE water mains and any water service
*Fire Hydrant and fire mains markings are blue lines with red lettering


Yellow – Gas

Jemena gas mains, polyethylene and nylon gas pipes, trunk and transmission gas pipelines, jet fuel gas lines, Ethane and Ethylene pipelines, Fuel lines


Green – Storm Water / Drainage

Council storm water pipes and drainage lines, down pipe connections, kerb outlet drain, storm water grates


Purple – Sewer

Sydney Water sewer mains, private sewer mains, waste water pipes, grease arrestor systems


Pink – Unknown service

Unknown signal or image from electromagnetic locating and or ground penetrating radar scan which was not on the DBYD or existing service plans and or unable to verify trace to a known source.

What does it look like?

Here’s a look into the types of markings you’d find on a Geoscope locate and site mark up.

Are we a good fit?

If so, we'd love to hear how we can help.

The most important question when it comes to any partnership, do we fit? Do we have the same goals when it comes to safety, procedures, lead time and expectations?

Call Geoscope before you dig

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