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The construction and building industry in Sydney is a cut throat market. That is why you need any competitive edge you can gain to produce the quality work your company is, or should be reputable for achieving.

But how does one gain this edge in today’s modern digital world? The answer…Knowledge!

Dial Before You Dig Certified Locator
Geoscope Utility Detection Services is a NULCA member
Geoscope Utility Detection Services is an accredited plant locator
Geoscope Utility Detection Services is a DYBD certified locator
Knowing whats below your site or project is the initial step anyone planning to cut, core, drill and penetrate a surface. On top of that, Geoscope offers:

In a specialist field of subsurface utility engineering, it makes sense to live up to the reputation of being special. Geoscope offer the answers to the questions to those offering professional trades and services proposing to:

Black outs, explosions, floods and blockages.

All of the above are potential disasters that are possible when working around underground services and could be prevented if the knowledge of what they were up against was understood prior to the works starting.

But it isn’t only the large and highly critical services we locate. Knowing were the ¾” water line feeds to a house connection or where the telstra lead in lines are all part of the detection process.

How can Geoscope help identify potential issues to your excavation, drilling, cutting or designing plans?

We use the latest innovations in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Underground Service detection equipment to help guide us through the electronic instrument identification process giving you the best possible chance to validate them through vacuum excavation.


Underground Service Locating

Our underground service locating experience around the Sydney and NSW network is extensive ensuring the best possible outcome for locating buried pipes and cables on your project.


Utility Surveying and Mapping

Geoscope specialise in the detecting the precise location of underground utilities, buried pipes and cables in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Using the latest technology and our vast experience we can locate all traceable underground services, pipes and cables, and various conductive and non-conductive utilities.


Ground Penetrating Radar

If you’ve got construction works in the pipeline, contact Geoscope. Our highly-skilled technicians are experienced in subsurface utility engineering processes even on complex sites. Start your project on the right track with Sydney’s Underground Service Locating Specialist – Geoscope.


Scanning Concrete Slabs

At Geoscope, our highly trained technicians use the most up to date GPR and electromagnetic devices to ensure that you get the most comprehensive concrete scan possible.

Know more how Geoscope will help you scan through concrete slabs.


Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is the process of collecting and assessing information on the subsurface utilities beneath a proposed excavation site. It’s an important and valuable process that protects local communities, site workers, and asset owners from the potentially devastating damage caused by an accidental utility strike.

Know more how Geoscope can help you carry out your excavation work.


Non-destructive digging, non-destructive excavation and potholing

The look of relief on our clients face when we expose the underground services safely makes it all worthwhile! Like somehow, they are shocked and surprised that our pipe and cable detection methods were some sort of science fiction.

Know more about how Geoscope can help you implement a safe work procedure.


Cable locating

The most common way to locate an underground or embedded cable, whether it be an electricity cable, Telstra copper, RMS traffic cables or signals cable on the on railway would be to use electromagnetic induction principles.

Know more about what underground cables Geoscope can locate.


Pipe locating

You’d be surprised how many types of underground pipes and cables there could be, lurking below the surface of your dig site let alone your front garden. The best way to locate these pipes will depend on the material they are made of and the types of pipe or cable they are.

Know more about why Geoscope is your best pipe locating specialist.

Geoscope News

Here at Geoscope, we not only provide the safest and quality underground services, but also update you with the latest news here and across the world relating to the services we offer.

Cable Locating

Locating Telstra Cables

Locating Telstra cables is an important part of any construction, excavation or design process. These cables might seem like a

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