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Coren Shore
Coren Shore
Used Geoscope for service location at a large job in North Sydney with alot of services to be found. Extremely easy to deal with and gave great service. Was happy with the final price for the amount of work they did.
They do provide great service, I also liked the availability and flexibility in timing, overall was happy with the service provided and the output in every job they did. They also provided detailed report for later use.
Alexandra Jade
Alexandra Jade
We used Geoscope for pipe locating for our pest control business, they were great to deal with and quick to respond and complete the job as it was needed urgently. Highly recommend :)
Andrew Katsanos
Andrew Katsanos
Thank you to Simon and the team at Geoscope. We booked a date and time for the work to be done, the technician Mark arrived on time and the work was done with no fuss, a great outcome for me. I would highly recommend Simon and the team to anyone requiring slab scanning or the like.
Boris Santana
Boris Santana
I engaged Geoscope to help locate an underground stormwater pipe. Great service from the team at Geoscope. They were very attentive and professional throughout their engagement. I would use them again.
Straya Shades
Straya Shades
Using Geoscope Utility( Simon ) for the last 2 years for our jobs, had no issues whatsoever. Highly recommend. 👍
info agc
info agc
We have collaborated with Geoscope on numerous projects, and their accessibility has consistently been commendable. Whenever we reached out to them, they were responsive and readily available. Additionally, their approach to addressing technical issues has been marked by patience and professionalism, providing clear explanations when needed. Process for various projects with Geoscope has consistently been smooth and hassle-free.
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Geoscope Managing Director performing concrete slab scanning

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In a specialist field of subsurface utility engineering, it makes sense to live up to the reputation of being special. Geoscope offer the answers to the questions to those offering professional trades and services.

How can Geoscope help you?

We use the latest innovations in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Underground Service detection equipment to help guide us through the electronic instrument identification process giving you the best possible chance to validate them.


Our Services

Knowing what’s below your site or project is the initial step anyone planning to cut, core, drill and penetrate a surface. On top of that, Geoscope offers:


Underground Service Locating


Utility Surveying and Mapping

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR Service Locating Sydney Geoscope

Ground Penetrating Radar

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Here at Geoscope, we not only provide the safest and quality underground services, but also update you with the latest news here and across the world relating to the services we offer.

Utility Locating at Armstrong Court Bankstown Aerodrome NSW 2200 by Geoscope Locating
Utility Locating

Utility Locating in Sydney, Australia

Geoscope Locating provides expert utility locating services in Sydney and surrounding areas. With our local knowledge and advanced technology, we ensure the safety and efficiency of your excavation projects.

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Utility Locating at O'Connell Street Parramatta NSW 2150 by Geoscope Locating
Utility Locating

Utility Locating in Parramatta

Unearth peace of mind with Geoscope Locating’s utility locating services in Parramatta. Our local experts use advanced technology to precisely locate underground utilities, preventing damage and delays for your excavation project. Free quotes available!

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Underground Service Locating at 35 Alfred Road, Chipping Norton 2170 by Geoscope Locating
Underground Service Locating

Underground Service Locating in Wollongong

Unearth Confidence with Geoscope Locating! We specialise in precise underground service locating throughout Wollongong and surrounding areas. Our experienced team utilises cutting-edge technology to identify and map utilities with pinpoint accuracy. Protect your project and avoid costly delays! Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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