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Dial Before You Dig is the essential first step in damage prevention to underground services

When it comes to working around underground services, DBYD is the critical first piece of action an individual should take when disturbing the grounds surface through earthworks, excavations, drilling and digging works.

As a contractor or company planning to dig it is your responsibility to:

  • request for DBYD plans at for your particular dig site location at a reasonable time before construction – as plans can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 48hrs to reach you, it’s recommended to lodge a request as soon as possible.
  • Have personnel onsite capable of reading and the available plans each asset owners provide.
  • If certain underground pipe and cables are within minimum approach distances you may have to engage an accredited plant locator who is issued with a valid accreditation card to come on site and locate the underground services.
  • Once the underground service is located by Electromagnetic or Ground Penetrating Radar location techniques, it must be confirmed by visually locating the utility by safely hand digging or using non-destructive excavation or Hydro-excavation methods (pot holing)

Many asset owners have a certain distance of how close works can get with construction before extra action needs to be taken in regards to protecting the underground utility. These requirements are provided by the asset owners with each and every single DBYD request that gets sent out.

“A person who undertakes excavation work is subject to duties and responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW)”.

These special requirements - the responsibilities and duty of care when working around underground services are part of legislation and legal action can and will be taken if failure to comply occurs.

“Asset owners reserve the right to recover compensation for loss or damage to its cable / pipe network and other property including consequential loss – (Tens to hundredths of thousands of dollars, in cases up to the millions.)”


By contacting Geoscope, we can help you with each process along the way from underground utility location to pot holing of pipe and cable assets.

-We can lodge a DBYD request to complete a site service location, although it is recommended that clients also lodge a request so they are aware of the resposibitilties when working around underground services.