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Providing Underground Service Locations | Sydney

Geoscope are a team of Underground service locators who specialise in precise Utility Detection and Location of buried pipes and cables in the Sydney area.

We use a combination of Ground Penetrating Radar and electromagnetic location methods to safely and accurately detect all traceable underground services, pipes and cables, and various conductive and non-conductive utilities.

Locating buried services is an important step in the process of disturbing the subsurface and Geoscope can help along the way with their expertise in:

  • DBYD plan acquisition
  • Understanding of underground utility drawings
  • Pipe Locating and Buried Cable Locations
  • Underground Utility Detection
  • Service locator technicians
  • Utility Mapping and CAD plans
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering

Tracing underground services for civil to construction workers of Sydney, from plumbers to electricians. Geoscope’s attention to detail and customer service is second to none.

Call us today to be sure you’ve had the best dig at locating the underground pipes and cable services on your Sydney site.


Dig safe. Dig smart. Dig with Geoscope Utility Detection Services.



Our 24/7 Emergency Locations Service provides you a fast response to locate services

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