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Underground Cable Locating

At Geoscope, our experienced and fully Accredited Cable Locator technicians are always striving to raise the bar with our standards and safety towards Cable Locating in Sydney.

Location of underground cable services is a must in today’s world of legislation and duty of care responsibilities and disclaimers. Almost all dial before you dig – DBYD asset owners require you, as a person disturbing the ground surface to:

  1. Request a DBYD search ( for the area of works. (This is a must!)
  2. Engage an accredited cable locator if services are nearby   
  3. Pot hole to physically and visually identify the cables
  4. Protect the underground cables from damage

By failing at any of these steps, you are also failing in your duty of care when working around underground cable services and put yourself and others at risk.


Just because underground cables are out of sight does not mean they should be out of mind.


Geoscope uses world leading cable locating equipment and procedures to allow our accredited locator technicians to see what others can’t.

Our Cable detection services are perfect for:

  • Locating Telstra cables
  • Fibre optic cables
  • High Voltage cables
  • Buried telecommunication cables
  • RMS Traffic signal cables
  • Electricity cables
  • Distribution and Transmission power cables

Don’t be caught out neglecting your duty of care by unintentionally cutting the underground wires. You could cause potential damage electricity to a local primary school or disrupting the emergency phone lines to a busy Sydney Hospital. 

Call Geoscope to arrange for our cable locating technicians to detect the underground cables on your Sydney site today.