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Specialists Pipe Locating Services | Sydney

Accurate Pipe Detection is an absolute necessity on any construction project in Sydney, that’s where Geoscope, the professionals excel.

Location of underground pipes whether it be plumbing pipes at the local council park to identifying the location of a rising sewer main pipe for the trenching of an excavation, you need to make sure there are no unidentified obstacles in the way.

Our state-of-the-art pipe locating equipment will allow the experienced and accredited locator technicians at Geoscope find all traceable conductive metallic pipes and services as well as the detectable modern PVC and poly pipes in your scope of works.

By talking to the team at Geoscope we can help you with a cost effective method of:

  • Locating underground gas pipelines
  • Petrol line locating at service stations
  • Detecting underground Fire Hydrant lines
  • Underground water pipe location
  • Locating storm water and sewer pipes

Locating underground pipes before you dig is the fastest, easiest and safest way to go about your excavation.

Contact Geoscope today for an obligation free quote on pipe locating in Sydney today!