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Providing Sydney with accurate Utility Locating Surveys

Failing to accurately identify the location of buried utilities can result in unimaginable disaster.

Working with Geoscope Utility Detection Services to conduct a location of the underground utilities will not only reduce unexpected delays from possible damages, but it is also proven to reduce design and construction costs as well.

Geoscope identifies underground utilities to the Australian Standard – AS 5488-2013 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information – SUI. By adopting the Australian Standard we are able to convey a consistent message of 

underground utility location information to our valued customers in the same way every time.

Geoscope can readily locate, identify and mark underground utility services, including:

  • Electricity and power cables
  • Natural Gas and LPG lines
  • Drainage pipe
  • Communication Networks
  • Roads and Traffic signal cables

Our technicians are experienced locators of utility surveys, proficient in the use of electromagnetic radio frequency locators and ground penetrating radar detection methods. Consulting with the professionals in locating utilities will allow your construction and excavation crews to minimise the risk with your project.

So if you’ve got some construction works in the pipeline, contact Geoscope to get your project on the right track from the very start with Sydney’s Utility Locating Specialist - Geoscope.