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Process of providing accurate Subsurface Utility Information

Knowing what’s below is half the battle. Subsurface Utility Engineering, shortened to SUE, is the process of locating underground utilities to a classification and standard to provide clients with the information to minimise the potential risk involved when working around underground services.

AS 5488-2013 - Classification of Subsurface Utility Information is the Australian Standard the team at Geoscope have adopted to convey their message of locating underground utilities.

                Plan, Pothole, Protect, Proceed

The AS 5488-2013 Standard sets a clear expectation between ourselves as utility locators and our clients in what quality information we provide, and the best methods to proceed with their project while working around subsurface utilities.

Once the geophysical utility information is gathered by quality location levels – QL- D, C and B the next important step is confirming the above steps with Quality Level A – Pot holing the subsurface utility by non-destructive excavation or non-destructive digging methods.

By visually confirming the utility type, size, vertical and horizontal position of the underground services by vacuum excavation techniques, we are on the right track to fulfil our duty of care required by utility asset owners to avoid risk and liability that can result from damaged underground utilities.

Utilising SUE during the design stage of projects has dramatically reduced the extent of the problems of utility relocation, utility damages and contractor claims for many construction companies across Sydney.

Contact Geoscope today to find out how Subsurface Utility Engineering can improve the efficiency on your next Sydney project.