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Ground Penetrating Radar detection of targets below the subsurface

When the electronic locator has exhausted all possibilities of locating the traceable metallic underground services, it’s time for Ground Penetrating Radar.

GPR is a unique geophysical surveying technology that allows Geoscope’s technicians to identify and accurately locate both metallic and non-conductive targets below the subsurface via high resolution electromagnetic pulses, a system that is visible in real time.

Thanks to its non-disruptive nature, Ground Penetrating Radar requires no site restrictions, which means it is completely safe for use in public areas – Keep roadways, footpaths and storefronts open while clearly locating what lies below.

Our team has extensive knowledge detecting both conductive and non-conductive utilities and targets from GPR scans, including:

  • PE - Gold line / Poly gas pressure pipe 
  • PVC blue brute water main
  • Un-identified buried utilities
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Storm water and sewer pipes
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Buried petrol tanks
  • Post-tension cables
  • Reinforcing steel


Remember - Unlike X-ray, Ground Penetrating Radar is a safe, all-weather and all-scenario solution for you subsurface exploration needs.


We’re constantly scanning ground in Sydney for environmental soil testing for geotechnical engineering firms with the clearing of bore holes and test pits, as well as providing construction crews with a comprehensive utility search with GPR - Ground Penetrating Radar.


Contact one of our expert team members on how our Ground Penetrating Radar service can point you in the right location.